Fat Tuesday signifies the end of party times, fun and frolic, however, also the start of the Lenten Season. Joe Patti Seafood has great choices all the time and especially for Friday meals during this special season. Quality and prices are always a first here. I search the seafood producing nations of the western world from 5 am until the evening three days a week, bringing fresh and frozen quality seafood to World Famous Joe Patti's.

I now have Chilean Sea Bass added to our selection of fillets. We also have Salmon from the Pharaoh Islands, Number One Yellowfin Tuna, fresh Snapper both whole and fillets, Louisiana Crawfish, Oysters in containers that are shucked and shell-stock in boxes from San Antonio Texas. As of now, there hasn't been none better this year.

Of course, from the 1930's until the present, shrimp is what we do best. Wild Shrimp are the best tasting in the world. I've been involved with shrimp since going shrimping with my dad in the late 1930's to the present day. I know my shrimp.

In Amangiari, we have great, great items. Boars Head meat and cheeses, beef from Buckhead, Pastas and thousands of specialty items including gelato, infused olive oils, marinades and many, many others from Italy and Greece just to name a few. We also have a Coffee Bar with delicious cakes, pies and candies. Nautical themed gifts of all kinds. Cecilia picks out the ones she knows you will want. You must not forget about our Sushi Bar. Enjoy! Enjoy!

You will enjoy browsing around in Joe Patti's and Amangiari Gourmet Shop. Come and see us and you will have fun - if your not in the area don't forget great Joe Patti's Seafood is always available at www.JoePattis.com.